I like to write sometimes….

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Hayley. I am 32 and I live in the wonderful UK, which has also been for 32 whole years, minus a few holidays and city breaks here and there.

I agonised over what the theme of this blog should be about, I am a fully trained hairdresser, I love food, which also means I have to love dieting. Travelling and seeing different places excites me and self exploration and improvement is something in which I invest in heavily. So I decided that I would write, which is something that I love to do and never do unless it is in one of my beautifully designed notepads which I can’t seem to stop buying.

I hope (pray) that the topics are helpful, inspiring, funny or just passing your lunch break in a much more productive way than scrolling through the same posts about your ‘friends’ amazing lives and copious baby pictures, political rants and food porn pictures on social media. No one likes those constant reminders of where your life isn’t!

So here is another option, just for your time.


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