Diet biz

Dieting is probably my biggest failure, I am 5’2, I feel like I carry my weight well but I am classed as over weight. I have been on every single diet going and my friends and family see it as an ongoing drama. Every month or so I am ready with full commitment to try something else.

I have tried Atkins, weight watchers, slimming world, Cambridge, Dukan, Herbalife, Joe wicks, and the heart foundation, Kayla Itsines…. probably just naming a selection here. I lost a stone 4 years ago doing slimming world and feel that is the best one as it is sustainable and easy to follow. I have tried going back to it but my weekends just ruin everything.

I don’t think that I am an emotional eater but I can’t help but think that there must be something in me that turns to food for something, whether that be boredom or maybe it’s because I put myself under so much pressure to lose weight that food has become a problem to me. It is something I always think about and something that I feel constant guilt about. My family are all very fit and healthy, my brother is a personal trainer and my mom goes to the gym about 6 times a week and LOVES healthy food……. I love naughty food, I love e chocolate, crisps, take aways etc. How is that fair?????

I have a very good understanding about nutrition and what foods are good for keeping hunger at bay and also that are just good for keeping us healthy and functioning better. The problem is I just don’t get that lovely satisfied feeling after eating peanut butter on an apple.

Its like I am in constant search for that one thing that is going to click with me. I want results after 3 hours of being on a diet and that is why I don’t stick to anything. I have an unusually high muscle mass which means I am heavier than a lot of my friends, I am strong, and I am great in the gym with weights… but the problem with the gym is that when I am exercising I love it and I love how it makes me feel but its this problem I have with sticking to things.


I know that most people are the same as me as if they wasn’t I doubt there would be an industry which is so big based around diets and food plans.

So currently I am doing a 3 day heart foundation diet, it involves calorie limitation and eating certain foods with each other which are meant to speed up my metabolism, I know what you are thinking, ‘it will pile on when you eat normally’ I KNOW! I just like to stand on the scales for 1 day and see it lower. I weigh myself every single morning, I get up, have a wee, strip off and onto that sad step I go! just keep praying for that miracle.

Tell me about your ways of life with food and dieting, I am always interested to know about what other people do, how they don’t feel like they are going to pass out if they don’t eat every couple of hours like me.

Lots of happiness today 🙂

Love Hayley xxx

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