Mediation has become so popular in recent years and for very good reason, it is probably a skill they should teach kids in schools, along with how to manage money, and other general life skills that seem to be overlooked. I’m going off on a tangent already.

If you haven’t tried to meditate before then DO! It is something I dip in and out of but when I am doing it every day, even just for 10 minutes I am so much happier and calmer and feel like I have my shit together. It helps with anxiety, depression and just for people who can’t find peace in our manic worlds. Its taking that few minutes out of your day to stop, re-group, and calm yourself.

There are so many YouTube videos that you can play that have different meditation techniques and they are free, you want a guided meditation to begin with which will teach you how to put yourself in to a meditative state and then you will find yourself over time being able to do it on your own.


I bought a while ago from the Apple Store this mediation audio book, it is amazing and so many family and friends that I have recommended it too have loved it. It has many chapters explaining the benefits of mediation and why people do it. Then it has the actual guided meditations which you are meant to do the selected ones each day and alternate them each week, the idea is that by the end of the 8 weeks you are fully able to meditate properly. It teaches you the breathing and relaxing skills needed. (I am not affiliated in any way with this) This is the link to the book: 

My advice is to do all of them sitting up in a chair and not lying on your bed, as if you are on your bed it is a sure-fire way to get to sleep within minutes and therefore you won’t get the full benefit.

The power of meditation should never be underestimated, give it a go… it will be the best thing you ever learn to do.

Do you meditate? How do you find it and how do you do it?

Lots of love

Hayley xxx

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